Sourdough Bread is made using wild and naturally occurring live yeast cultures made from Water + Flour. This is often called a starter or a levain and has been used for thousands of years to help breads rise and, at Amazing Grace Bakery, I use my very own Sourdough starter in place of commercial yeasts. Many commercial and supermarket-made Sourdough breads are not true Sourdoughs because they often contain added yeasts and other unwanted agents to strengthen the rise and mimic the aerated texture of real Sourdough. A healthy Sourdough starter should be strong enough to be used alone without any unwanted additives. The flours used to make a Sourdough starter can be single or mixed and can be made from wheat grains (containing gluten) as well as gluten-free grains. At Amazing Grace Bakery, I use a wheat-grain Sourdough culture which has been lovingly nurtured and passed down from 3 generations of talented home bakers.

Best quality of ingredients

All my artisanal loaves are naturally leavened using my Sourdough starter. Each loaf is lovingly handmade and patiently handcrafted and is made using only 3 ingredients: Water + Wheat Flour + Sea Salt. Nothing else. Another important ingredient when creating delicious Sourdough bread is Time. All my artisanal loaves are given plenty of time to naturally ferment and develop their own unique flavour, and it is this long and slow fermentation which gives Sourdough its distinctive, complex, and slightly sour flavour like no other. Sourdough is also attributed to having many gut health benefits as it is gentler on our stomachs and easier to digest than many commercially yeasted breads. Some of my customers suffer from mild intolerances to gluten and commercial yeast and they have overcome these digestive problems by eating my Sourdough and avoiding supermarket breads.


My name is Olu and I am your artisanal baker at Amazing Grace Bakery which I established in 2019. I have been baking for over a decade and it is my lifetime passion to share my skills and talents as a baker with you. My interest in Sourdough began not as a new food trend but from a determination to eat less processed bread without any added preservatives. Like many of you, I want to know what is in mine and my family’s food, and I believe if we put only nutritious and healthy things into our bodies then we can reap the benefits of a healthier and happier life. Sourdough is proof that healthier food can be delicious.

This personal drive to know what is in my food and where it comes from also led me to take on an allotment where my family and I soon learned we could grow a lot of our own food which was far tastier than what we bought previously. Further research into gut health and a happier digestive system led me to discover Sourdough and the science behind natural starters and wild yeasts, and the possible benefits of long fermentation foods on our bodies. I realised that bread should contain only 3 ingredients: Flour + Water + Sea Salt.


My artisan Sourdough breads go through an ancient method of fermentation using my carefully nurtured starter in my home-kitchen in Gravesend, Kent. I use only the best Flours from Shipton Mill and Pure Kent Eckley Farms (Staplehurst, Kent) which, when combined, gives a wonderfully textured, nutty, and earthy flavour to the finished bread and which has the distinctive qualities only associated with true Sourdough.

My Sourdough breads are available in 900g weight. I offer a Country Sourdough which is available plain, with dried fruits, or with multi-seeds. Twice a month I also offer a selection of delicious, sweet bakes such as handmade doughnuts (with various fillings) and cinnamon rolls which are all naturally leavened using my Sourdough starter. I also offer Seasonal bakes such as Panettone which is made using a special Italian-style Sourdough starter called a Pasta Madre. I do not use any artificial flavours or additives in the production of my breads or sweet bakes. A full ingredients list for all my baked products is available the ‘order’ page.

My Sourdough Pizza Kits (Margarita or Pepperoni) offer a healthier and tastier alternative to supermarket and take-away pizzas and are the perfect recipe for getting the whole family involved in cooking. My children love getting their hands dirty so making and shaping their own pizzas comes naturally to them. Eating them comes even easier! My Sourdough Pizza Kits are also a great way to teach children about healthy food and that nutritious food does not have to be complicated or compromise on flavour. Each kit comes with individually packed and weighed-out ingredients and an easy-to-follow instruction card. Please see my helpful step-by-step video guide to making and shaping your own delicious Sourdough Pizza.

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